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If you need to convert currency from pounds to any other currency use this guide. This helpful Gatwick Airport currency exchange guide means you will be well equipped to get a good rate on your exchange rates at Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick Airport Currency Exchange ...

Everyone needs foreign currency when travelling - whether you choose to take the money with you, or exchange it when you're in your holiday destination. Either way use this guide, that includes an online currency converter to convert currency from pounds to any type of foreign currency.

Click one of the links below to find out more.


Compare Currency Rates ...

Use this online currency converted - just enter the amount you would like to convert from pounds along with the currency you want to convert to in the converter below.
Currency Converter
  Convert Amount :
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How & Where Exchange Currency ...

You'll want to get the best rate on your currency exchange when travelling abroad. Here we give some helpful tips on how and where you can do this:

So is it better for you to change your currency at home or abroad to get the best exchange rate. So, unless your trip is months away, it probably won't make much difference as currency exchange rates can change hourly, moving by plus or minus 1%.

Most Experts agree that travellers are better off looking for an outlet that will change your money as cheaply as possible.
Changing Currency At Home
Experts often suggest that you should only change enough money to cover your travel and transportation costs until you are settled at your destination as the costs of exchanging your money can be prohibitive.

Or you could use online money exchange services that take American funds and then send on to you the converted money to your home that can offer better than average exchange rates.
Changing Money at the Hotel or Airport
Often hotel and airport exchange services have high transaction charges, even though they are convenient.
Exchanging Money Via Credit Cards
Check to see if your credit card offers a good exchange rate as often they can but this credit card service can be overlooked.

Do check when you'll be charged on your credit card though because if the transaction is not converted instantly there's is a chance you'll end up with a worse conversion rate than you expected.

Or take Travellers checks with you. They can also be easily replaced if they are lost or stolen and can be used freely at exchanges to get the currency of the country you are in.
Local Banks
Local banks can normally offer good rates, however if the exchange rate is determined by what's known as supply and demand then you might not benefit from a rate that's better than what you'd find at home.

Or you could find that the Country's government sets the currency exchange rate.

Otherwise however, local banks offer a convenient and relatively low cost option for changing your money.
ATMs are a good way to get local currency at a reasonable exchange rates, but bear in mind that most banks and credit cards charge an additional fee for this service which might end up outweighing your favourable exchange rate.

Also, advise your bank you are going to use ATMs if this is your intention in case they suspect any foul play and freeze your card as they might think strange transactions are taking place. Therefore it's a must to take with you your bank contact details.
Use the link below to locate a VISA ATM anywhere in the world:
International VISA ATM Locator - click
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