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When there are so many flights to choose from, and so many ways in which to buy them, make sure you get only the best deal. Here is some advice when looking to buy flights from Gatwick Airport, plus links to online booking for Gatwick flights.

Book Flights from Gatwick Airport here...


Make sure you shop around for the best priced flight when you are looking to buy a flight from Gatwick.

Here we give some great advice on the best ways to buy and book flights from Gatwick Airport, whether you are looking to travel to Europe or a Worldwide destination. And with the Internet offering flights to pretty much any destination, any time, from anywhere, all at a great price you can get a deal that's right for you (and your wallet).


Buy Flights - tips & advice ...

Do your homework when you're looking to buy a flight from Gatwick Airport and there's no reason why you won't get a bargain.

So start researching as soon as you know both your intended destination and dates of when you want to travel. This way you'll have lots of time to find the very best price on the market.

At the same time why not pick up some details about the place you're visiting - the following are excellent sources of information on travel:
  • Newspaper travel sections
  • Guidebooks and their websites
  • Your destination's tourist board website

And why not refer to our Terminal Information section of this websitefor an A to Z of destinations and which airlines fly to them!

Booking A Flight...

Helpful Tips
Airlines make changes to their advertised and available ticket prices every day so do as much research as possible. And don't forget to check the well known travel websites, the travel section in the newspapers and teletext for special offers on flights.
If you get a really good deal straight away don't be afraid to book it, especially if it risks being withdrawn, you could just get lucky first time.

If you can be flexible and can travel a day earlier or later sometimes you can get a better deal so think carefully about the actual dates you can and can't travel. Also where you can fly from as some airports are much cheaper to fly from, along with what many consider inconvenient flight times.
If you're ringing a travel agents or airlines call them either as late or early in the day as possible as they'll have more time to dedicate to finding you a good deal.
Nested Tickets
Nested tickets can offer passengers good priced flights from Gatwick Airport.

However, these nested tickets will only work on a regular midweek fare that's over twice the price of an excursion fare (includes a Saturday stopover) to the same destination.

To explain, you have been quoted £150 for a flight from Heathrow to Belfast return going out on a Monday and coming back on the Friday of the same week but you can find a return that requires you to stay for a weekend and is priced £75 or less, it is worth buying a nested ticket.

Buy a £75 excursion return ticket leaving on Monday and coming back late in the next week. Then buy another £75 excursion return ticket with the outgoing flight from Belfast on the Friday of your return to Heathrow. The return journey of this second ticket should be dated early in the next week.

This means you basically get two return flights for the price of one! So you can nest the tickets for future travel dates and thus use of all the tickets and save money. Granted, it is a little confusing but can be worth it.
Split Tickets
Or buy flights from Gatwick through a split ticket. A split ticket is where you break up your journey, so not a direct flight, by changing at an interim airport.

Do ask your travel agent if they can sell you a spilt ticket as some do not.
Low Cost Airlines
To get a great rate with a low cost airlines you need to book as early you can for the best prices.

If you book just before your flight date you won't get a great deal as you could have if you'd bought well in advance of travel.

But don't forget that even on flights advertised as just a pound, you still need to pay taxes etc. so it could end up costing you more, say £20.
Always book online as this will normally save you a few pounds too.

Delays & Legroom ...

Here's some advice on avoiding delays and getting some precious extra leg room:
  • Major tour operators who operate their own airline such as Thomson let you pre-book seats when buying a package holiday for a fee.

    Supplements are also available that give you better in-flight meals and a bit more legroom.

  • Find out what type of plane you will flying on and then look to see if there are seat plans on the airline website. This way you can tell them which seat number you would ideally like.

  • Flights that are scheduled to depart either first or last to leave an airport on that day stand less risk of being delayed.

  • For extra leg room see how much seat pitch is available in the class you're travelling in - this is the distance between your seat and the one in front of it - your legroom. Experts say 31 inches (79cm) should be the minimum for a 6ft (1.83m) person on a long flight.


You're most likely to secure an upgrade if you get bumped.

Bumped is when passengers are put onto the next available flight because calculations of confirmed passengers are wrong and the passenger volunteers to fly at another time.

If you are bumped and the delay is more than several hours you are most likely to get travel vouchers, cash or an upgrade.

If the wait is less than a few hours the chances are you'll be offered a phone card, food voucher, temporary pass to the executive lounge or, a room at an airport hotel.

Travel vouchers normally hold more value than cash at the airport.

Booking With Travel Agents...

When booking a flight with a travel agent they are normally paid a commission from the airlines to secure you as a passenger so they want your business so you want to ask for a good deal.

When booking don't be fooled by the travel agent's vague promises of major airlines and hotels that are included in your holiday quotation.Get actual details and be sure not to fooled by any special deals with lots of small print conditions that are to the detriment of your holiday.
Cut Out the Middleman
  • Does your company or union get access to any deals that you can take advantage of? Make sure you ask.

  • Beat the brochure price for holidays by booking your flight and accommodation direct yourself.

  • If you agree to carry goods for reknowned Travel Courier companies you could save around £100 on your flights.

  • It's easy to book a city break in Europe directly and you can save a lot of money.

Internet Flight Booking ...

Visit Expedia or similar websites to get a good idea of what airlines are flying where, along with some good holiday deals.

if you choose to book your flight directly yourself be sure to only book a flight that's covered by Atol (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) and that you stick to the big UK-based sites. Only book through site's who's server is secure by looking for the padlock symbol on your browser.

Normally you'd receive an email confirming your details, this is where your Atol protection is confirmed for your insurance purposes but ATOL protected flights and holidays will be advertised clearly before booking, any that doesn't advertise this probably doesn't offer it so be careful. lets you to bid your own price for flights. If you've made a reasonable offer Airlines will sell you a ticket. Normally these are sold for about 20-30% lower

Sign up to sites like for email travel offers including coupon deals.

Sites like have forums where travellers share any deals they have seen or got. Also you can ask other members for advice and tops.

Travel Agents and Fare Searchers ...

Browse these Fare Searchers and travel agent websites for deals and offers:
Travel Agent Website
Air Net
Bargain Holidays
Cheap Flights
E Bookers
Fly Now
Last Minute
Major Travel
Sky Deals
The First Resort
Thomas Cook
Trail Finders

Travel Agents and Fare Searchers ...

These airlines offer flights from most UK airports:
Airline Website
Aer Lingus
Ryan Air
British Airways
Air France
Air India
Air Jamaica
Air New Zealand
American Airlines
Thomson Fly
Cathay Pacific
Easy Jet
Iceland Air
Kenya Airways
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Air
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines
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