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Over 32 Million passengers travel through Gatwick Airports North and South Terminals every year from over 200 UK, European and International locations. Here you can find all the information you need whether you are arriving or departing from Gatwick.

Passenger Information

Passengers flying from Gatwick Airport will in the first instance need to know if they are travelling from the North or South Terminal. The bulk of traffic, including domestic, international and charter flights, go through Gatwick South Terminal. Most British Airways flights, Delta Airlines, other overseas Airlines and some charter flights operate from the North Terminal.



Work is currently underway to re-design forecourts at Gatwick's South Terminal.

Passenger numbers at the South Terminal are growing and so are the number of cars accessing the terminal Forecourts. Gatwick's aim is to create a more safe and clean environment for passengers and airport staff, encourage public transport and ease congestion.

In order to achieve this Gatwick are changing the way in which vehicles access the terminals. The following changes have now been put in place at the forecourts in South Terminal:
Private Vehicles
Private vehicles dropping off passengers are to use the Lower Forecourt only. Gatwick Airport is doubling the number of car park spaces on the Lower Forecourt to accommodate this move including a disabled parking area.

Private vehicles picking up passengers from the airport will be directed to use Short Stay Car Park 3 (orange). A new tariff which includes disabled parking in Short Stay Car Park 3 will allow up to 30 minutes parking time at a cost of £3.00 Express coaches and on airport car park buses will still use the Upper Forecourt to drop off and collect passengers awaiting onward travel.
Gatwick Airport licensed taxi hire company Checker Cars will still use the Upper Forecourt. All other taxi operators will be directed to use the Lower Forecourt to drop off and pick up will be from the Short Stay Car Park 3.

Car rental and official airport car valet
Will still be accessed via the Lower Forecourt.

Off-airport car park buses
and hotel courtesy buses will be accommodated within the coach station which has just benefited from a £1.5 million programme to improve facilities.

Check-In Options

Standard Check-In
What do I need to know about standard, self service and day before check-in?

On arrival at the airport, monitors showing flight numbers, information and each flight’s check-in zone are available at the entrance to the Terminals.

The illuminated yellow cubes ensure the check-in zones are clearly visible. These are the recommended chick in times:

  Type Of Flight Check In Time
  Long Haul Flights 3 HOURS before departure
  European Flights 2 HOURS before departure
  UK & Northern Ireland Flights 1 HOUR before departure

Check in desk locations differ at Gatwick Airport depending on which terminal you are departing from:

South Terminal Check-in 2nd Floor
North Terminal Check-in 3rd Floor

Self Service Check-in:

Self Service check-in is a much quicker alternative to normal face-to-face check-in, resulting in more time to discover what Gatwick Airport has to offer in the way of shops, bars and cafes.

Simply check-in via the airport kiosk or online where available, and take your bags to the fast bag drop off location.

As of February 2006, the following Airlines offer self service check-in at Gatwick Airport.

  North Terminal Kiosk & Online Check-in
  British Airways Kiosk & Online Check-in - Click Here
  GB Airways (Via BA kiosks) Kiosk & Online Check-in - Click Here

  South Terminal Kiosk & Online Check-in
  Virgin Atlantic Online Check-in - Click Here

NOTE: Kiosk Check-in is not available in the South Terminal at the time of writing.

More and more Airlines are offering self service check-in, so passengers should contact their Airline to check if they offer the service. To see a list of airlines who offer online check-in visit our Online Check-in Page.

Passengers that check-in at a kiosk or online still need to arrive at the Airport in good time to catch their flight. Pay close attention to information from Airlines regarding collecting boarding cards, dropping bags and arriving at the gate.

Day Before Check-In:

Passengers taking an early morning flight from Gatwick Airport can check-in the day before they travel. This service is particularly useful for local people or travellers staying in the local area overnight that don’t want to queue to check-in their bags early in the morning.

Only a few Airlines offer day before check-in. As of February 2006, British Airways and First Choice Airways offer the service from the North Terminal, and easyJet, My Travel, Thomas Cook, Thomson Fly and Virgin Atlantic offer the service from the South Terminal.

Terms and conditions do apply, so contact the Airline you are travelling with to check if they offer the service.

Boarding Your Flight at Gatwick

Gatwick Airport does not make flight calls so it is important to keep checking the television monitors closely for the flight departures to your destination, boarding time and gate number.
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